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All Stars

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CZAS Alumni

We are extremely proud of
all our CZAS Alumni

We could not be any more proud of all our CZAS Alumni and their families.  Thank you for sharing in all the great memories through the years!

Graduating Class of 2016

Alex George - Indiana Unversity Cheerleader
Alexa Gengelback
Alexia McHenry
DeShur Parm
Hannah Nelson
Kaylan Randall
Tabby Crockett

Graduating Class of 2015

Cory Kasinger
Dana Frakes
Nikki Seibert


Graduating Class of 2014

Ashton Welte
Caitlin Staples
Emily Lorenzen
Evan Todd
Hadley Walker
Kelsey Bowen
Meaghan Glenn
Miranda Flood
- CZAS Super Senior
Myles Chavira
Shannon McLimore -
CZAS Super Senior
Taylor Mooney
Shayne Taylor
- CZAS Super Senior
Shelbie Ackerman



Graduating Class of 2013

Danielle Kennedy
Logan Cart
Logan Glasscock
Kindra Evans
Miranda Flood
Morgan Whitsell

Shannon McLimore
Shayne Taylor
Storm Wilhoyte - 
 Eastern Kentucky Cheerleader


Graduating Class of 2012

Alyson Rominger
Ben Head
- University of Kentucky Coed Cheerleader
a Leeper - CZAS Super Senior
Lindsay Kast - University of Indiana Cheerleader
Mady Kaiser

Ramsey Keaton
Taylor Freer

Graduating Class of 2011

Kristen James - CZAS Super Senior
Madyson Bell
Morgan Griffin

Graduating Class of 2010

Brittany Clark - Kentucky Wesleyan College Cheerleader
Cheraye Durr
Courtney Johnson
- Lindsey Wilson College Cheerleader
Jennifer Hamilton - Western Kentucky University Cheerleader

Jessica Riley - Western Kentucky University Cheerleader
Kiley Wiles
Makenzie Jones - Western Kentucky University Coed Cheerleader
Miki Spurrier - Western Kentucky University Cheerleader
Miranda Evans - CZAS Super Senior
Morgan Tipton
Tiffany Clark
  - Kentucky Wesleyan College Cheerleader

Graduating Class of 2009

Emily Hayden - Kentucky Wesleyan College Cheerleader
Julia Hartz
Leilani Kuegel - Western Kentucky University Cheerleader
Melanie Hayden - Valedictorian Apollo High & Kentucky Wesleyan College Cheerleader
Mollee Bellamy - Western Kentucky University Cheerleader

Graduating Class of 2008

Ashton Taylor - Western Kentucky University Cheerleader
Courtney Wilhoyte
Dylan Wilson - Western Kentucky University Coed Cheerleader

Elizabeth Wilson
Erin McLimore
Lacey Reynolds

Graduating Class of 2007

Bailey Bolin
Hayley Paris
Gretchen Koett
Jordan Royse
Kendall Keaton
Tiffani English 

Graduating Class of 2006

Amy Matheny
Jacob Hicks
 - CZAS Super Senior and University of Louisville Coed Cheerleader
Jessica Hancock

Mallory Johnson
Meredith Campbell

Graduating Class of 2005

Andrea Roberson
Beth Cox
Heather Madewell

Jordawn Howard - University of Louisville Cheerleader
Kim Gregory
Lauren Danks
- Morehead State University Cheerleader

Lauren Northern
Megan Thompson
Ryan Alexander
Whitney Hood

Graduating Class of 2004

Arielle Bowlds - Virgina Commonwealth University Cheerleader & Coached at Aero Elite 
Brittany West -
Western Kentucky Cheerleader

Brittany Young

Jordan Whitehead
Rebecca Griffin
Sara Fischer

Sonya Cecil - Western Kentucky University Dancer 

Graduating Class of 2003

Brittany Gordon
Brittany Johnson

Brandon Parks - Oakland City College Coed Cheerleader
Jennifer Coke

Theresa Blandford

Graduating Class of 2002

Ashley Blake - Western Kentucky University Coed Cheerleader
Cody Brown